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Auto Accident & Personal Injury Claims

Mike has successfully handled many types of auto collision and personal injury claims.

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Mike works closely with clients in estate planning including wills, trusts, healthcare declarations, and powers of attorney.


Mike assists in handling the estates of loved ones who have passed and in all areas of elder exploitation and protection.

Auto Accident &
Personal Injury Claims

If you have been injured in an automobile or other accident, you should see us as soon as possible—and preferably before giving a recorded statement.  Insurance adjusters can seem friendly at the outset, but once they have the information they are looking for and have taken your statement, they can become adversarial.  In addition, many personal injury claims involve “hidden” issues outside of the experience of the average client.


For instance, your right to recovery may not be confined to one individual insurance policy. In some cases, you can “stack” policies of insurance to increase coverage.  You may also be entitled to recover medical bills and lost wages immediately pending resolution of your underlying claim.  In addition, you will want to know if the Made Whole Rule applies in your case.  Finally, you should not rely upon the advice of friends or the opinion of the opposing insurance adjuster about these issues or about what constitutes a “fair settlement” of your claim.

Wills & Trusts

In Montana, many people find that a Will, Health Care Declaration (sometimes called a “Living Will”), and Power of Attorney adequately cover their estate planning needs.  You will also need a federal HIPAA authorization for your healthcare agent to be able to talk to your doctor. The regulations on this have recently changed.  If you have minor children, you should nominate a guardian in your Will.  A revocable trust may be necessary in second-marriage situations, if you own real estate in more than one state, or depending on your level of wealth.



probates &

It is our experience that some clients have been frightened in a previous state of residence about “probate.”  However, many uncontested estates in Montana can be probated informally, and the process may be streamlined compared to a state with inheritance taxes. 


Montana voters did away with the state inheritance tax a number of years ago.  Although subject to change, many estates are no longer subject to the federal estate tax as well.  


Although effective planning is essential, Guardianship and Conservatorship proceedings can arise when it is alleged that a family member has lost the ability to make appropriate financial or safe medical decisions for themselves.  These cases sometimes involve allegations of elder exploitation or neglect.  Experienced legal counsel is essential.

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